Hiring the Best Security in the Whangarei District

Security matters. The reality is, we live in society today requires an additional level of protective support. Some Whangarei business owners may feel hesitant to talk about their need for security to protect their property. Hesitation should never stem from cost or company image, having adequate security should be at top of any business’ priority list, it can help increase spend and is far more affordable than you might first think. 

No business owner or staff member should have to go to work worrying about their safety inside a company premises, or what they might find has occurred over night. 

There are many kinds of security services that are suitable throughout Whangarei, Kaipara and Far North. Northern Districts Security is a premier security agency that offers reliable and dependable security services you can count on. 

Here are some of the security services we offer:

Office & Commercial Security

Office and commercial properties are often high foot-traffic areas. People come and go throughout the dayWithout high quality security, unwanted visitors and trespassers could also be entering your premises.

Having a static security guard positioned as front desk security can thwart any criminals from entering. They also serve as a friendly-face, guests can count on. 


Property managers of commercial buildings can expect higher occupancy rates and a reduction in threats when they have a security team implementing their company protocols. Ensure your building’s safety with a Northern Districts Security personnel on duty. 

Industrial Security Services

Industrial sites and yards face complex challenges in terms of security. They contend with the everyday factors of high-foot traffic, 24-hour business operations, large quantities of deliveries, not to mention securing a great expanse of warehouse space that can stretch for miles.


Having a security force you can trust is paramount in this setting as they can cover exit areas and perimeter fences through foot patrol and mobile patrol services. Plus full control of access points ensuring onlauthorised personnel can enter high-value areas. 

Community Security Services

Having solid partnerships within the Northland Community is of vital importance to us. Within Whangarei we implement safety regulations to protect public areas and the people who live there, and have developed a tested framework for rollout into other communities.


We are proud to say Northland Districts Security is known for its Community Security Services as it has been part of the City Safe initiative since its inception


This is our way of making the Whangarei District a safe and livable environment. You will likely chance upon us doing active foot patrols and mobile patrols throughout the CBD at any given time of the week. 

Campus and School Security Services

We make Whangarei schools safe through consistent monitoring of campus, university sites and school zones. There are many security situations that can arise in a school setting, but Northern Districts Security is alert and quick to take action when it comes to the safety of students, truancy and school property.


Whangarei District Security Services

Need affordable options when it comes to security services? Want to ask questions? Please feel free to reach out to us.    Our inbox is always an open door at info@ndsecurity.co.nz. If you prefer talking things over, call us at Northern Districts Security 0800 114 632

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