Common Security Mistakes Northland Businesses Make During Summer

Common Security Mistakes Northland Businesses Make Over the Summer Trading Period.

As the busy summer trading period approaches, businesses in Northland need to be vigilant about their security practices. The warmer months often bring more customers to retail and hospitality businesses, making it essential for companies to avoid common security mistakes that could jeopardise their assets and operations. Many businesses also close down over the summer period, and their vacant premises are often a target for burglary and vandalism. Here are some of the common security mistakes Northland business make, and how they can be resolved:

1. Inadequate Security Personnel:

Retail businesses face heightened security challenges during the summer and Christmas trading period in Northland. The festive season attracts a surge in shoppers seeking gifts and holiday essentials, creating bustling environments that can be opportune for theft and security breaches. With Christmas gift shoppers and the influx of tourists across Northland during this time, retail establishments become much busier and more susceptible to various security risks.


When your staff is busy with customers, it can be difficult for them to be on the lookout for opportunistic shoplifters. NDS static security guards serve as deterrents to potential criminal activity, providing retailers with the peace of mind they need to focus on delivering a positive shopping experience during this festive season. By partnering with NDS, retail businesses can navigate the challenges of heightened customer activity and tourism influx, ensuring a secure, profitable, and enjoyable shopping environment.

2. Lack of Mobile Security Patrols:

One major mistake Northland businesses make is underestimating the importance of mobile security patrols. During summer, criminal activity tends to rise due to factors such as longer days, increased foot traffic, and a more relaxed atmosphere. This is especially critical for retail businesses, where a higher number of customers can create opportunities for theft.

Businesses and offices that close down over the Christmas period are also particularly vulnerable, as vacant premises can become a target for opportunistic burglars and vandals. The absence of regular activity and personnel during the summer break can create an environment where unauthorised individuals feel emboldened to trespass, steal valuable equipment, or vandalise property.


NDS recognises the need for a proactive approach to security. Our fast-response mobile security patrols cover a wide range of sites, conducting regular checks to deter potential threats. For retail businesses, our patrols help maintain a secure shopping environment during the busy summer months, reducing the risk of shoplifting and unauthorised access.
By partnering with NDS, businesses that close down over the summer can safeguard their assets and maintain peace of mind, knowing that their premises are secure even in their absence.

3. Neglecting Alarm Monitoring:

Opportunistic criminals are well aware of the reduced surveillance and increased vacancies during the holiday season, making empty business and office premises an attractive target. Businesses with neglected alarm monitoring are especially susceptible to opportunistic criminals, particularly during the extended closures common during the Christmas and summer period. An unmonitored alarm system, without a responsive team ready to address alerts, leaves these businesses vulnerable to prolonged unauthorised access, theft, or vandalism.

NDS offers comprehensive alarm monitoring services, providing continuous surveillance of your property. Our vigilant monitoring team is trained to respond promptly to any alerts, ensuring that potential threats are addressed in real-time. For businesses with vacant premises over the summer, our monitored alarm systems act as a crucial deterrent, enhancing security and preventing unauthorised access.

4. Overlooking Event Security:

Summer presents many opportunities for the hospitality sector in Northland, including festivals, outdoor events, and longer trading hours. Summer also presents new security challenges for the hospitality sector. The sheer size of crowds attracted to events like festivals and markets increases the risk of incidents such as disturbances, fights, and alcohol-related problems. Managing the influx of people and maintaining order becomes a considerable challenge.

Outdoor venues, while providing a pleasant atmosphere, also create security vulnerabilities, including the potential for unauthorised access, theft, and disturbances in less monitored areas. The extended operating hours of summer events, coupled with the often celebratory atmosphere, heighten the risk of alcohol-related incidents that may compromise the safety of patrons and staff.

With the dynamic nature of hospitality businesses and summer events, robust security measures are a necessity to ensure the safety and enjoyment of attendees while mitigating potential risks. At Northern Districts Security, we specialise in tailoring security solutions to address the unique challenges of summer events, providing a safe and secure environment for both patrons and hospitality businesses.

Organising large-scale or crowded events presents unique challenges in terms of management and unpredictability. NDS’s specialised event security guards ensure the safety and smooth execution of events and activities. Our trained security personnel are adept at enforcing rules, implementing effective crowd control strategies, and executing guest protection protocols. With a focus on professionalism and a keen understanding of the dynamics of large events, our security guards contribute to a secure and well-managed environment. Whether it’s a concert, festival, corporate gathering, or any other event with a significant crowd, our Event Security Guards are equipped to handle the complexities and uncertainties that come with such occasions.



As Northland businesses gear up for the summer trading period, it’s crucial to address these common security mistakes with the help of Northern Districts Security. By understanding the specific challenges faced by different sectors, NDS tailors its services to fortify security measures, ensuring a safe and secure environment during the bustling summer months. Don’t let security lapses tarnish your summer success – choose NDS for peace of mind and reliable protection. Contact the experts here.

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