Affordable and Reliable Security Guard Services in Kaipara

Keeping your Kaipara Property Safe

When it comes to protecting your Kaipara property it is hard to consider all the possible security measures you can implement to your advantage.  This is where the team at Northern Districts Security comes in.

In order to cover your whole perimeter, let’s take a look at common problem areas that are often possible signs of a potential break-in.

Secure Perimeter fencing

Consider your current fencing and its make – its height, barrier thickness, and visibility. Are there security alarms that can be triggered in place? A flimsy fence is just an open invitation for intruders. Granted if you have a huge property, upgrading your fence to reduce outside access can be rather costly.

Entry gates and doors

Some criminals are so brazen they take the most obvious route which is through your front door. Some rely on a bit of social engineering to get in, such as tailgating along with groups of workers or befriending employees and pretending they lost their company ID. Visitor monitoring is a must.

Damage to window and doors

It pays to have regular checks of your doors and windows to see if there is any evedence of failed break in attempts. If there is any damage around your property, intruders are making serious attempts to get in. It’s a sure sign that someone is trying to get into your premises when you’re not around.

It’s important to take into account all the security measures you can use in your favor when it comes to defending your property and keeping it safe from outside threats.

With Northern Districts Security, we offer a variety of security services that may be implemented on-site to protect your property.

Another security measure is to have security personnel travel about the property at predetermined intervals in security vehicles. Not only can they keep and eye on your property, they can check that doors and windows are locked and secure.

All security options are available through us at Northern Districts Security, and they are based on a tailored security strategy that is designed to protect your Kaipara property. If you have a specific security need in mind for your property, we can handle it for you – just let us know and our guards will be there to keep you safe 24/7.

How We Handle Security and Potential Threats

Here at Northern Districts Security, we are always prepared to take on new security challenges, so don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you need help protecting your company and its assets. We take the effort to explain our security approaches to our customers in a way that is both straightforward and efficient. 

In Kaipara, we provide comprehensive security guard services for our clients, beginning with an accurate risk assessment in which we show both the obvious and hidden dangers that could affect your company’s overall security.

Next step is to plan for the site’s security and then to put those plans into action. We aim to ensure that your property is protected and free from risk by relying on the expertise and of our top security guards.

Give us a call right now at Northern Districts Security and let’s talk about the safety of your property and how we can assist you with our affordable security guard services in Kaipara – Call NDS 0800 114 632 or email us

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