5 Common Mistakes Businesses Make When Setting Up Security

When you’re just starting a business, things tend to move quickly and a number of things can come at you from all directions. It can be a distracting and overwhelming time for some business owners that they tend to forget the essentials.

One rookie mistake is neglecting the need for security. Most businesses start off small, often even ignoring security cameras. Thinking this is enough to ward off the criminally-minded is a challenge.

Once your business becomes a target, intruders will do everything they can to break in. Even in broad daylight or during business hours. One might think of it as an audacious move, but in fact it’s simply terrifying. There’s nothing stopping such individuals from doing harm to people or your business.

To prove our point further, here are 5 common mistakes when businesses try to set up their security:


The first mistake is not making security a priority

Whether your Whangarei business is in Kaitaia or Dargaville, skimping on security is not a wise decision, you are not doing your company a favour by thinking you are saving money this way. In fact, it can cost you more in losses in the long term. Also you are liable for people on your premises, whether employees or customers.



No physical security budget

No matter the size of your Northland company, a proper budget should be allotted for security. Often security becomes an afterthought. Only when a business experiences an unsavory criminal incident in their premises that a business takes time to mark and include a proper operational cost on security. Huge losses can be avoided when you have good Whangarei security on site. That said, great security doesn’t need to be expensive, if you know where to look and who to trust, you can find a security agency that’s affordable, dependable and well within your means.


There’s no one actively keeping a watchful eye

The front door of your premises is unmanned and the production floor is unattended, leaving your business in Kerikeri or in the Far North vulnerable. Just think about it, someone can just simply walk in, and just come and go as they please. But the risk here is when someone ill-intentioned walks in and just runs off with your goods.


Putting Regular Employees on Security Duty

General Whangarei employees are not trained to handle security, let alone spot suspicious activities while busy with their work tasks. To begin with, employees are hired for their skills related to the business (e.g. sales, documentation, and administrative skills) and not the business of security. They can’t take on the mantle of being security professionals on your behalf because they don’t have the physical skills and adequate training to pull it off. And asking them to do so is putting their safety at risk.


Not having foresight to upgrade security.

As your business grows so does the many security threats it will face. Within a year in Kaipara or other Whangarei districts, your company may physically expand in terms of property space or number of employees or customer foot traffic. All these affect the state of your security. The kind of protection measures you have should grow and adapt with the needs of your business.

If you’re wondering how much you should spend on security in Northland or what security measures you need to stay protected? It would be best to consult with Whangarei security professionals such as Northern Districts Security.

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