3 Whangarei Workplace Habits that Weaken your Security

Running a company in Whangarei is never easy. The act of keeping your business safe and secure is another daily concern that definitely tops your list. 

That said, there are many instances and habits where employees may unwittingly compromise workplace security. Check out our list:

How you enter the premises matters.

At work, we’re always in a rush to get in and out of areas. Whangarei employees can be glued on their phones while walking and not really pay attention to what’s happening around them. It’s a pretty common behaviour, which provides ample opportunity for a breach to take place.

Outsiders may manage to enter a place by simply ‘tailgating’ and yes, we’ve seen this happen with our own eyes like at the subway turnstile or at a sports arena. A stranger can easily force their way in by walking close or just behind that of a ticket holder or an authorised employee.

Sometimes through a swift move of social engineering, an outsider may ask an employee to politely open the door for them particularly if this outsider pretends to be frail, in distress, with an obvious physical limitation or being waylaid by items.. An employee may simply help them out of instinct and unknowingly let an intruder in the premises.

Another way a breach can happen is when these intruders just wait for an unsuspecting employee to walk through the entrance with the door slowly closing from behind. 

Sometimes it doesn’t take a mob or a burglar with night vision glasses to break through your front door. Sometimes just regular folk up to no good, they can easily gain access into your business premises just by acting like the everyday people who work there. They blend into the crowd of workers pretending it’s their first day at work, and before you know it, valuable assets and data go missing.

Tailgating not only puts the property, valuables and employees of a business at high risk, this can also cause companies a huge loss in revenue.

But the best security measure to counter tailgating is still having an alert and vigilant security team. 

A Whangarei security guard can prevent these people from simply walking through your front door. They can detect and respond to incidents of unauthorised access. By following company protocols on visitors and employees, they can ensure that only authorised users can gain access.

Poor Key Card Management

Employees are often issued an access card at the beginning of their contract. Access key cards and employment ID cards allow people to go around freely inside the premises. These access cards help security guards in Whangarei identify employees and know them by name. 

When your business premises run on electronic access control, this requires a stringent level of monitoring. Access cards or key cards can be subject to theft. At times, some employees lose an ID access card and forget to report the loss within the day or week. Some fail to relinquish the access card during their period of resignation. In fact, many things can happen that may land an access card in the wrong hands.

To keep your Whangarei work environment secure, remind employees to keep their key cards safe and with them at all times. They should not lend key cards to fellow employees. More importantly, they should report any loss or missing access cards to the security guard on duty.

Posting 'Too Much Information' on Social Media.

Many of us live and breathe social media. We love sharing big and little moments in our everyday lives in Whangarei. Without much thought that there maybe consequences with such online behavior.

A social media post may seem innocuous and not big of a deal, but in reality it is. 

Imagine, employees uploading real-time videos while walking around the office and talking about their day at work. That alone can give outsiders more than enough info about your company. 

It would be best to have clear policies about how employees share information about your business online.

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If you take action promptly, there are steps you can take to train employees in the best security practices in Whangarei. They should have workplace habits that create a culture of safety for everyone. Make your employees part of the security solution instead of being the major cause of the problem.

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