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Trespass Notice

Trespassing should not be taken lightly. We'll deliver the trespass notice promptly so that person will keep off your property.

To trespass means a person has been found breaching a place they have no right to be in. If you have taken legal action against a person for unlawful entry or criminal trespass, that’s good enough reason to hire a process server to let the trespasser know you have decided to take them to court.

Choosing a reliable security service in Northland with a highly-trained set of process servers is crucial to get the trespass notice delivered to the intended recipient. After all, you may feel unsafe, or you may not want to escalate the situation further until you get to court.

This will also give the trespasser ample time to comply or leave your premises. Once they have been duly served the trespass notice, any attempt for them to intentionally return on the property will be considered an offence, and the police can arrest them. In New Zealand, a trespass notice is enforced for a period of 2 years.

Northern Districts Security can deliver the trespass notice for you. We are often a neutral presence between two parties, and we’ll get the document delivered properly and in accordance with the NZ laws.

Consult with us about your situation.



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