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How We Help – Business Security with Northern Districts Security

Improve the security of your premises in the Bay of Islands with the presence of security guards. Whether you are looking to secure your business — be it a shop, school, warehouse, industrial facility, we can assist you in making an informed decision about security.

So we start with an assessment of your current risks, this helps pinpoint where you are on the map and how to support your business security goals.

We know when it comes to security, a one-size-fits-all strategy doesn’t meet your individual needs. Here at NDS, we painstakingly take the time to sift through all the details and know your security needs firsthand.

When you consult with us, we’ll work with you on specific and appropriate security measures that can be undertaken immediately to minimise and control new and recurring security incidents. We are very on-target about our security measures, we do not go about it blindly. We take security in Paihia and the Bay of Islands very seriously.

Every vulnerability is examined and we carefully consider what to implement, and we even make room for contingencies. Overcoming dangers and hazards requires early planning and an integrated security approach while keeping in mind that there should be no disruption to your business operations.

Because your business growth is important to us, we prioritise it, making sure your productivity is not compromised.

Why wait for a security breach to occur and experience its serious consequences? When the solution is simple, reasonable and within your reach —work with Northern Districts Security in Paihia.


We are always ready to proactively respond and oversee security issues at a moment’s notice. Know more about our distinct advantage as your Bay of Islands and Paihia  security agency:


Our NDS security guards are highly-trained in facing high-risk situations. They are familiar with what security measures to take and when to take action.

If you need professional security guards in Paihia, let us know how we can help! With Northern Districts Security, you’re in capable hands, we’ll do everything to secure and protect your business.

Call us if you need the following Bay of Islands security guard services:

  • Static security guards in Paihia
  • Roving and foot patrol guards
  • Mobile vehicle patrols in Paihia
  • Cash-in-Transit Services

We are Pahia / Bay of Islands Premier Security Services.

We take Security Seriously. Reach out to us today!