Hiring Security Services in Whangarei : From Static Security Guards to Vehicle Patrols

Hiring Security Services in Whangarei : From Static Security Guards to Vehicle Patrols

Properties nowadays put up signs that state their property is “protected” or “monitored” by cameras. But technology can only do so much, without human intervention and effective security visibility, any company or property in Whangarei will still remain vulnerable.

That said, if there is a notable increase in criminal activity and untoward incidents in your area, it’s a sign to take action, and ensuring your own security is a necessary move to keep your assets and property safe. Hiring static security guards and mobile vehicle patrols are increasingly popular options for Whangarei businesses.

With a security team in place, you don’t have to constantly look over your shoulder or be fraught with worries because a reliable security professional will be there to protect your company.

An on-site security guard will take care of everything starting with the enforcement of company rules to monitoring visitor access to checking vulnerable spots in your property. They will do what’s paramount with regard to your safety and security.

Static Security Services

A security guard’s main objective is to keep a property, person, or area safe.

Security guards can closely monitor a specific area of the premises throughout the night, on weekends, and even on holidays.  They will provide a daily log or report for the client, as well as a detailed incident report whenever needed.

They are a basic, effective deterrent against crime. We often see static guards at entrances such as the front desk lobby, access gates, or at a guard post. But even if they leave their post, they often do so to inspect the property, they make their rounds making sure nothing’s amiss. They also check and monitor security cameras for any sign of suspicious activities such as people loitering, or unmarked vehicles parked around the property.

Mobile Vehicle Patrol Services

If static security guards are neither possible nor required, having a mobile vehicle patrol can be a good alternative. Mobile patrol checks can be done on a regular basis or at irregular intervals.

At any given moment, you can rely on a mobile patrol vehicle to take specific routes and thoroughly inspect the property. Perimeter inspections of doors, windows, and gates are just a mandatory part of security patrolling. 

You might want to consider having random patrol checks by a security guard in a patrol car if you have observed that your business or neighbourhood has unauthorised vehicles, vandalism problems, or even neighbourhood kids who cause trouble. Even if you currently have static security guards on the job, having mobile vehicle patrol services can give you that added visibility and protection.

Interested in a security vehicle patrol service? Here at Northern Districts Security, we provide vehicle patrol services that are available at your preferred schedule- late hours or even around the clock.

Our Whangarei security services are versatile and attune to your needs as we offer short-term and long-term, and even one-time contract options. Just let us know what you need, so we can provide you with a clear estimate and the best possible rate for your security requirements.

Hiring a security team will drastically reduce incidents of theft, vandalism, and other crimes. 

As a premier security agency in Northland, we are committed to providing dedicated on-site security guards.

A lot of us take security for granted, but reliable security guards can do so much for companies to ensure their safety. Call the best Whangarei security agency now at Northern Districts Security 0800 114 632 or email us at info@ndsecurity.co.nz

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