Cash-in-Transit Security Services

What Are Cash-in-Transit Security Services?

Cash-in-Transit services or CIT is also referred to as asset–in-transit services. It is the secure transit of valuables, either (1) from one location to another (2) from sender to receiver. But these are not just ordinary deliveries, and not all involve money, gold or gemstones. Some of these items are deemed priceless by their owners such artworks, coins and heirlooms. It could also mean the transit of sensitive documents such as estate papers, trust and wills, patents, blueprints, data and data storage devices.

CIT services are meant to safeguard valuables during transport and act as a deterrent to would-be assailants who want to engage in the theft of your business valuables.

These are the logistics you have to deal with when considering safe cash handling and asset management transit.

  • Security planning and overall risk assessment.
  • The number of people aware of the transaction during transaction lifecycle (planning to delivery).
  • The handling of cash in public while security is on foot (vehicle to premises).
  • Regularity and rotation of staff during each transfer activity.
  • Delivery schedule, call time and periods of peak traffic.
  • The amount of cash and valuables with each delivery.
  • Environmental conditions (weather, visibility and temperature).
  • Threats and Unexpected Situations 

Cash-in-transit services are one of the excellent measures you can undertake to protect your valuables while they are being transported to other locations. They can customize a risk assessment and security plan for your secure transport needs.

Advantages of Cash-in-Transit Security Services

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The security team will pick up your valuables, assets, or cash and transport it via a security vehicle.

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Streamlines Productivity

A cash-in-transit system allows deliveries on a convenient schedule which makes transactions and audits more efficient. Having a third-party security provider to keep an eye out on important assets, takes the worry out of the equation, and lets you focus on other things.

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Staff Protection

This provides a layer of protection for company staff members. No staff member wants to be in harm’s way when delivering cash deposits for an establishment. Also regular employees are not properly trained to handle such scenarios the way cash-in-transit professionals do. CIT guards balance between two duties: their security role and their courier responsibility.

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CITs have different ways of tracking in-transit assets. One is through the latest GPS Tracking technology. 

There are indeed many benefits in hiring CIT security services, but not hiring a cash-in-transit security service directly for your asset handling requirements is a serious mistake. 

So get that cash where it needs to go.

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