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Northern Districts Security places a high value on the quality of its employees. In order for our employees to provide the extraordinary level of service our customers expect, they must be trained to the highest standards possible. Our training programs are well designed, comprehensive, and have been proven in the field, time and again.

The journey to excellence begins with a thorough, all-inclusive background check for our new employees. Our representatives carefully review legal documents and past records, conduct phone interviews with personal and professional references, and contact past employers and relevant security agencies.

Once a candidate has been accepted for our program, formal training begins with an initial assessment of basic and advanced skills. Based on the results of this assessment, Northern Districts Security designs a specialized training program for the employee that includes all company-mandatory training, deployment specific training, and recommended supplemental training based on the analysis derived from the skills assessments.

As part of our on-going commitment to our clients and our employees, each employee will receive progressively advanced training throughout his or her career, in addition to mandatory on-going refresher training. This continual process of instruction, assessment, review and reassessment ensures that our employees are fully equipped to perform their duties with the utmost professionalism in a rapidly changing world.

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