Specialist Services

When you’ve got a security-related issue, Northern Districts Security has the solution.

We understand that many businesses and organisations require different levels and different types of security services. We are proudly Northland-based and we understand the requirements of Northland businesses and communities.

Security officers you can trust

We have a team of experienced security officers who are highly trained in several security areas. This means we can offer specialist services that are tailor-made for your business or organisation.

Our security officers are appropriately attired in a distinctive uniform and wear high-visibility vests when required and are instantly recognisable as authority figures. Our Operations team carefully selects security officers with the level and type of training to suit your security needs.

From by law enforcement and smoke complaints to providing reassurance patrols in town centres and CBD, to retail security, we have specialist security officers with the confidence and experience to ensure your specialist security needs are catered to in an efficient, professional manner.


Northern District Security – offering a range of specialist services

Reassurance patrols in town centres and business districts (City Safe)

Our security officers have the experience, training and capability to effectively deliver a service which targets and minimalised anti-social behaviour in city centres, in a discreet and professional manner. With our security officers on patrol you can be assured that anti-social behaviour will be minimised, allowing business to continue as usual.


Bylaw enforcement

We provide security officers who have the necessary training and skills to enforce bylaws to keep the Northland public safe from nuisance, to maintain public health and safety, and by reducing the occurrence of antisocial behaviour in public spaces.


Close protection services

When you require close protection services, Northern District Security are the company you can trust. We supply security officers will the specialised training, experience and skill required for close protection so you can rest assured you’re in safe hands.


Forestry speed monitoring and security

The forestry industry is a large part of Northland landscape and NDS understands that there are a range of security issues related to this industry. Our security officers monitor Northland’s forestry speed regulations in an efficient manner, ensuring that everyone onsite can conduct their business safely.


Retail security

Our professional security officers give you peace of mind while acting as a deterrent to theft. Our Operations team individually selects security officers who have the training, experience and manner to conduct their duties efficiently, ensuring your business continues to operate smoothly at all times.


Truancy patrols

In Northland, truancy is becoming an issue of concern and we work with schools to minimise the occurrence and reduce the effect of truancy. Our Operations team carefully select security officers who work with Northland schools, interacting with truants in a positive, professional and effective manner.


Whatever your security requirements, you can rest assured that NDS can provide you with a service that suits your needs. Contact our friendly team today to discuss your security needs.


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