Security Ambassadors

Northern Districts Security have a team of loss prevention officers who are highly skilled and trained to Industry standards in Retail Security. We would recommend the best security solution for your store after carrying out a ful l assessment.

Our officers are perfectly suited to the retail environment and are selected on their customer services and communicational skills. Our Security Officers are fully uniformed, enabling them to stand out amongst the crowd as a figure of authority. Our Security Officers are trained to integrate with the internal staff and work alongside store management. Our personnel are fully trained in all types of alarm systems, security tagging devices and undercover surveillance.

Providing a visual deterrent, First Aid, store emergencies, suspicious customer behaviour and monitoring store entrances and exit points are a few of the many duties that our Security Officers are assigned to. Customer service training is given to all Retail Security Officers as they often are the first point of call when entering a store.

Northern District Security have the experience and expertise to help reduce crime within the retail sector by providing a high profile security presence in store.

Our Security Officers provide a safe and secure shopping experience through regular store patrols. They are trained to deter shoplifters. They provide a visible presence on the customers shop floor at all times. Our Security Officers help provide a safe and secure workplace for all store staff.


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