What Are the Different Types of Security Guards?

What Are the Different Types of Security Guards?

A well-trained and professional security guard offers a lot of help in protection, of staff, goods, assets and premises.

Security guards have major responsibilities. First on the list is they have to be visible. The presence of a person in authority can prevent any intruder or burglar or shoplifter, from pursuing their interest. Their presence is required to maintain peace and order and also to address assaults or robberies. A reliable security guard has to be visible while at the same time discreet.

There are different types of security guards with distinct duties and responsibilities.

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Mobile Security Guard

The mobile security guard is in charge of protecting businesses from incurring costs, unnecessary risks, and any form of inconvenience. He or she is also tasked to open and close the business premises. They are also the ones to respond quickly to alarms. Whilst typically thought of being solely in a vehicle, a roaming foot patrol security guard, is also a mobile security guard.

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Static Security Guard

The static security guard has several responsibilities which include traffic control, patrolling, gatekeeping, and CCTV monitoring. This is the type of security guard who prevents vandalism, trespassing, and other types of offenses committed in businesses or workplaces. 

Each type of security guard provides different benefits as well. 

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Mobile Security Guard

Hiring a mobile security guard for your business property can be an economical move to ensuring security. It is an efficient and affordable way to safeguard your property against any criminal offense such as vandalism and theft and any damage incurred from weather and other environment-related disturbances. 

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Static Security Guard

This type of guard patrols the entire area, always looking out for any safety risks such as possible fire or flood hazards. With the report forwarded by the static security guard, any hazards to the property can be prevented. Any bad situation may be contained and prevented from becoming worse. All these can prevent the property from damage. 

There are special cases or situations that require each type of security guard. 

Mobile Security Guard is best for: 

  • Alarms and Dispatches 
  • Monitoring Unauthorised Persons 
  • Damage or Property Hazards 
  • Observing Suspicious Activities 
  • Surveying Outdoor Spaces 

Static Security Guard is best for: 

  • Property Control Access 
  • Conducting Security Checks 
  • Personal Protection 
  • Dog patrols 
  • Crowd Control 

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