Whangarei Security Guard Services – Why Hire NDS?

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Whangarei Security Guard Services – Why Hire NDS?

Having the physical presence of a Whangarei security guard is typically sufficient enough to deter any potential criminal activity. We cannot state that enough. Time and again, some clients may need convincing, but we take our time to explain in detail why investing in security means investing in your company’s future by mitigating costly risks, unforeseen challenges, and protecting your assets. Having a security guard service in Whangarei is invaluable.

Whangarei Security Guard Duties

Initially, one might have the impression that security guards just stay in one area and keep watch, but that is far from what Whangarei security officers actually do in any given day. This is just what they let the public see, but throughout their shifts they do so much more to secure the site.

Day and night watch.

Security guards in Whangarei patrol properties and buildings at intervals to make sure they are secure from any threats.

Did you know a security guard can check on remote workers? If there are isolated employees in the premises such as those confined in an electronic server room, booth or anywhere really, we can help your business keep them safe. A security guard can do a routine check to make sure they are safe, and that no untoward incident has happened such as a slip, fall, or any medical emergency.

Event response and security management.

Security guards are also hired to maintain control and order at public events where there are often large crowds of people. Though we might view big events as part of our pre-pandemic life, security guards also ensure social distancing measures are followed by those present.

This is a very important and difficult task; sometimes simply reminding people to put their masks on during gatherings can even escalate into an argument. A security guard can serve as a calm and neutral presence to dole out these health and safety reminders.

Secure delivery transactions.

If you’re expecting deliveries, you can entrust a security guard to check that the contents are safe, complete and intact. They’ll monitor the delivery transaction and make sure all delivery personnel exit the premises once they’ve signed off and unloaded the goods. They’ll even create a careful and detail log of it in their security reports.

Conflict mediation.

De-escalating a crisis situation means keeping the peace at your workplace. A security guard’s job is not easy, you have to remain calm and in control at all times even if you’re threatened verbally by unlawful individuals.

With all those key special skills in mind, consider a reliable and trusted security guard service for your place of business. We extensively cover the local areas of Auckland, Kaipara, Far North, and Whangarei.

Northern Districts Security can provide you with the best Whangarei security guard services to monitor your company, commercial space, and estate property all year round.

If you have any questions about NDS security services- inquire about our free security consultation. Call the Whangarei security experts today- That’s Northern Districts Security at 0800 114 632.

We’ll keep you open for business and your assets safe.

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