Static Security Auckland: Why Hiring a Static Security Guard Service is Good for your Business

Entrepreneurs, especially of small and start-up businesses, tend to allot very little time and energy on the security of their businesses.

CCTV, alarm systems, or padlocked gates are usually considered “enough security”. Having enough security is actually a myth, if you need a dose of reality, regular hardware store padlocks won’t keep burglars off your property. You can even expect an increase in the rate of crimes like theft, assault and property defacement in your area of business.

Looking at the situation closely, most business owners have made it easy for criminals to find ways to maneuver and get past commonly used security methods. Perhaps it’s the complacency that comes with a relaxed neighbourhood or the fact that any criminal activity hasn’t happened yet. But sadly, when it does, it takes a huge toll out of the business- big financial losses and damages that would take a long time to recoup.

Why Trust in Static Security Measures?

Hiring a security service company that is well respected reduces the threat of any crime occurrence. A reputable security company like  Northern Districts Security will protect your business as well as provide additional beneficial services like customer care. This is all effectively addressed by assigning your business a static security guard.

There are many reasons why hiring a security service company is a good move for your business. If you look beyond your current expenses and see how security impacts you long-term. You’ll see why good security is worth every penny to keep your business- well, in business.

Here’s what a reliable security service provides:


A Safe and Secure Environment

Security services provide trained individuals whose main priority is to secure your business environment. These are either static guards or casual security guards. Their presence alone becomes a visible deterrent where its occupants feel safe and have peace of mind.

Static security guards provided by security service companies like Northern Districts Security, here in Auckland are trained to monitor video surveillance; check visitor credentials; inspect visitor belongings before and after their visit; watch for suspicious behaviour (such as shoplifting or lurking) and inspect the premises after hours.

Security cameras might discourage criminals, but the constant presence of trained static security guards not only creates a safe and secure environment, but gives business owners a heightened sense of security. This increases employee productivity, and eventually, customer satisfaction.


Crime Prevention and Surveillance

The presence of a uniformed guard that monitors both the premises and surveillance footage often discourages criminals from partaking in any illegal activity. Although installed security cameras serve as a deterrent for criminal behaviour, they can be destroyed in the event of criminal activity.


Adequate Management of Security Threats

Security issues range from the occurrence of actual crime, to riots, to disorderly conduct. Well-trained security guards are capable of diffusing volatile situations (in the case of a strike or riot); detaining drunk or loud individuals responsible for disorderly conduct and maintaining order by controlling huge crowds. In the unfortunate event where a customer or employee gets hurt, security guards are trained to calm the situation and alert paramedics. 

Security guards are trained not only to handle issues that occur outside the business, but within the business as well. If an unfortunate event occurs that may threaten to violate the premises, security guards may enforce the rules stipulated by the business owner.


Customer Service and Marketing Tool

Although prevention of potential threats is the main goal of a security service professional, Northern Districts Security Guards are also trained to maintain a  welcoming and polite demeanor and good social skills, qualities found in good customer service representatives.

Businesses with uniformed security guards represent an organised, secure company. This is reassuring to customers, and serves as an adequate marketing tool.

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