Static Guards KeriKeri: Securing your Place of Business

Security guards are professional individuals that are trained to provide a safe and secure environment for any given group, establishment or area.

Kerikeri, being known as the biggest town in Northland, is the tourist hotspot to be. Amidst all its tall trees and bushwalks, a lot is going on for Kerikeri, whether, shopping, dining or seeing the natural sights.

But like most towns in development, they are also faced with incidents of criminality. Even the most well-trained and highly-aware retail staff can’t combat brazen theft alone.

Of course, you can call the police any time, however, their focus will likely be on emergency crisis and services. To fight incidents of theft in your neighbourhood, you need a visible deterrent such as a static security guard to prioritise your safety and business needs.

Seeing a uniformed guard on any premises in Kerikeri will usually discourage any individual from committing a crime. Their valuable presence reduces the chances of your business becoming an easy target for criminals.


What is a Static Security Guard Kerikeri?

A static security guard is a vetted and trained member of a security team that is usually designated to a small area. This area can be manned for hours or covered on foot with all corners under the guard’s direct line of sight. Although the term implies that these guards stay in one place that is far from the truth and the reality of the job. Being static just implies that they are in charge of a designated area, which may be an entryway such as the gate, front desk or the reception area. As static guards, they also have the task of being selective of visitors and perusing security footage.

This is why choosing security businesses that offer static guarding services is key. This ensures that every key department of your business in Kerikeri is manned by a well-trained and vigilant guard.

Northern Districts Security has available teams of well-trained, vigilant and reliable static guards. We also have guards that roam and perform timely patrols, thus ensuring that your business or place of residence is well secured.


What our Static Guards can do for you:

  • Static guards also enforce the rules you may have set in place for your business, making sure that staff and visitors alike abide by said rules. This may vary from not eating or smoking in a particular area, switching off phones and devices, through to more serious breaches. Making sure these rules are being followed protects the integrity of your business.

  • Static guards also stay in contact with their base at all hours, ensuring that your premises are well secured, giving you peace of mind.
  • Security rounds include roaming the premises at given hours and checking all doors, windows, taps, machinery and technical equipment. Any reports about accidents or almost-accidents, damages and general observations may be forwarded to you as you request.

Keep your Business Secure

Northern Districts Security provides a high quality static guarding service throughout Northland. We are the number one choice for many companies across Northland servicing from Wellsford to Kerikeri to Kaitaia.

Give us a call at 0800 114 632. Inquire to know more about our static security guard service in Kerikeri. At Northern Districts Security we are serious about security.

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