Security Services in Northland: Why Hire a Professional Security Agency for your Business?

Living in Northland we are fortunate to live away from many of the challenges that other areas of New Zealand face, but we are not immune.

A bank gets robbed in your business district. Stock get pilfered where you’re working. A drunken intruder enters the store and scares off the customers. These unfortunate incidents cost not just money but, more importantly, affect the overall work environment and put staff and customers at risk.

So, if you’re exposed to such threats and hazards in which the damage, either due to negligence or malice, it’s best to invest in securing the safety of your staff and property.  Find a professional security agency that has your safety and best interest in mind.

Here are five reasons why you and/or your organisation should employ the services of a professional security agency.


Security Expertise

Security guards from private security companies have training in defense, civil protection and crisis management. They are trained to respond and be alert whatever the scenario is. With a security agency you can trust, they make protecting people and property their business.


Quality Service

Because security is a serious matter, it can’t just be hit-and-miss. If you’re going to have an in-house security team, you’ll be responsible for their training, which in the end can turn out to be substandard. This means you’ve thrown away money and energy for unsatisfactory results. However, if you leave everything to a professional security agency, you get your money’s worth with properly trained security personnel.



In general, when you hire a security agency, you pay the agency directly and on an hourly basis. So, your responsibility is limited to the number of hours and personnel you and the agency agreed. Overtime and holiday pay, paid leaves, bonuses and other benefits of the security guard are exclusively the agency’s responsibility. This security arrangement is therefore more cost-effective and less complicated compared to recruiting your own security guards.


Legal Accountability

Private security agencies are covered by liability insurance. It means that if something goes wrong that has to do with security, legal responsibility falls on the agency. On the contrary, if you hire your own staff as security personnel and a security incident happens on their watch, you will be directly liable for the repercussions.

Because of the potential legal, as well as financial, consequences of security breaches, agencies thoroughly screen candidates for the security guard position.


Attention to Detail

Security guards look out for anything suspicious in the property they’re assigned to protect. If they’re vigilant, no movement or activity that’s out of the ordinary will slip past them. Threats are detected and damage to both life and property is prevented. So, a good security guard avoid distractions to keep himself or herself focused.

Trust the Professionals

Having a security professional in your place of business is a must. Most people would not intervene when a threatening situation arises at work. Understandably, some are not trained to cope under such stressful or even violent situation.

There are many ways to respond to a threat, and when faced with such, your next move can either de-escalate or worsen the situation further. It’s for this reason that having a security guard present can prevent an unfortunate situation from happening.

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