Security Services in Northland: Static Security Guards

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When your goal is security for your business premises, property, or assets, you can start by hiring a static security guard through a reputable and reliable professional security service in Northland. When you think security, only one security company should come to mind - Northern Districts.

Why do you need a Static Security Guard?

Security guards are important for any business establishments: banks, schools, shopping centres, museums, and so the list goes on. Besides protecting the place together with the valuable things inside, they also prevent people from getting in harm’s way. But their duties don’t end there. Security guards have lots of obligations to fulfill in specific areas to ensure complete security, one of which is being a static security guard.

Their time is spent on the lookout for malicious activity. A static security guard is also sentry, who checks on the identity of people and whether they are officially allowed on the premises. This keeps out people with bad intentions from getting inside.

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But this type of security guard does not just simply inspect things, or stop-and-frisk individuals coming in and out of a business area. There are other responsibilities static guards need to accomplish, which includes identity verification, vehicle inspections, traffic control and parking protection, CCTV monitoring, and static surveillance. They also do sabotage checks, patrolling from time to time, as well as guard vital installations, cash, and other assets. They even prevent forced entries, vandalism, and crimes in and around work areas. Other employees can also rely on these guards in times of emergencies.

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Employers can sleep well, knowing someone cares for their business.

Static security guards are essential – Beyond peace of mind to any business owner, static guards also benefit the employees and clients. Employees with a safe working environment tend to be more productive as they don’t have to think about their personal safety and just focus on work. Meanwhile, customers typically put more trust in establishments with visible guards than those without security services.

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Having a static security guard means prevention of criminal misdeeds like robbery and assault.

They are trained professionals that can notice suspicious activities and assess risky situations. Also, they can deal with criminal elements on the spot. On top of that, they are expected to maintain a high level of decorum and politeness towards guests.

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