Security Provider New Zealand

Security Provider New Zealand

Security guards are stationed in strategic points in order to protect people, deter crime, and maintain overall safety. Their presence alone is enough to put off career criminals from making an attempt at burglaries or any unsavory incidents.

Having a security guard around, adds an air of comfort and safety within any premises. They uphold public safety and are an extension of any community’s effort to enforce the law.

There are many types of security guards in Whangarei that fit many needs and varied occasions:

Mobile Patrols

Licensed security guards on mobile patrols go around typically by vehicle to protect property and deter criminal elements. Thus, these security specialists are faster on wheels, and they cover more ground. This enables them to secure all corners of a property or workplace. They patrol in shifts around public buildings, universities, warehouses, parks, ports, and even shopping centres!

Static Guards

Static guards take control of a single location. They guard their designated post to make sure no intruder makes it way inside any of the key entry points. They help to identify potential threats and take note of any suspicious activity.

Northern Districts Security provides a high level of static guarding service throughout Northland.

Cash in transit Security

Money in transit is vulnerable money. To keep your cash safe you have to entrust specialist security guards to keep the cash moving, the main goal is to deliver it safely to its destination.

Mail pickup / Drop off Security

Getting important assets such as valuables, mail, confidential paper work, data and legal documents from one site to the next should be easy when you have a security guard watching over the mail pick and drop off of these assets.

Event Security Guards

Security incident response is the number one priority when it comes to public events. When things get rowdy, they make sure they take control of the situation. First, they will remove any disruptive individual from the event, check security passes for intruders, response to medical emergencies, and handle crowd control.

Staff Escorts

Staff escorts are a type of protective security detail meant to guard guests, VIPs, dignitaries, celebrities or private citizens who feel there is an active threat on their person.  Staff escorts effectively observe and survey for threats, so that the individual can go about their business worry-free.

security provider new zealand

Security Services When We Need It the Most

The global pandemic presented and continue to present a unique situation for everyone, as cities and regions now lay empty and bare for weeks at a time, we need security guards more than ever to ensure the safety of public and private properties.

Security guards are essential workers. Their presence in these spaces does remind people that laws are very much enforced even under a health crisis. They are an important part of the community’s security framework as security guards mostly outnumber public law enforcement personnel – they serve as a neighbourhood’s eyes and ears when police officers are unavailable and encumbered by other emergencies.

Whatever the nature of your business and whatever your security needs, there’s Northern Districts Security with the best tailored security solution for you. Many companies across Northland from Wellsford to Kaitaia rely on the top security services and skill sets of the team.

If you would like to discuss your company’s security concerns, call us at Northern Districts Security 0800 114 632 or email us and we’ll reach out to you shortly.

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