Security Patrols Whangarei: Extend your Security Reach

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Security Patrols Whangarei: Extend your Security Reach

When your business area or property covers wide distances, security can be a major challenge. Having a standing guard on site or a foot patrol has its physical limitations- our human legs are not fast enough to cover large ground in seconds, and security threats such as burglaries can happen just under a minute.

Having a vehicle patrol service available can cover a much wider area at a faster response time compared to a security patrol on foot. They can be there to protect you when it counts. A mobile security patrol can quickly sight distances, check around corners and vulnerable property spots.

Advantages of a Mobile Vehicle Patrol

Nothing puts people at ease like seeing or knowing their property is being patrolled. A mobile patrol is a roving sentry seen around the premises. It is a strong and visible deterrent against criminality. This is where one of the strengths of a mobile patrol lies. Even if criminals don’t see security officers alight the vehicle, from afar, the security vehicle can be easily spotted with its security insignia. Plus the mobile patrol can easily make rapid movements around the property and ring in its location during emergencies.

Having a visible mobile vehicle patrol let’s people know that your property has active security during the day and  throughout the night.

Whangarei Mobile patrol security officers can respond quickly because they are always on the move. This is a huge benefit to the Whangarei community at large. With multiple vehicles patrolling the area, quick response times are vital to deterring crime and disturbances. It only takes a couple minutes to respond in a car during a threat or emergency crisis.

When it comes to safety and security, the price should come second. Thankfully, a mobile patrol service offers you the same quality if not more than the traditional security service for a similar price. As a crime deterrent, they are cost-effective and very efficient when considered with security coverage possible.

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Get Mobile with Northern Districts Security

Northern Districts Security mobile vehicle patrol services have set the bar high through their services across the Auckland, Whangarei and Northland region. At Northern Districts Security, we have the necessary tools on hand to give your business a superb security service. We use advanced security technology which includes GPS tracking, vehicle-dashboard video cameras to monitor both the interior and exterior of the security patrol vehicle.

Also we utilise reliable radio communications and alarm monitoring systems that relays information to a centralised point. With NDS, we look after what matters: people, assets, and properties.

Contact us today for Whangarei mobile patrol services and let us give you the peace of mind you deserve. Look toward a secure future with a custom tailored security solution that protects the people and properties you care about the most.

Get your premises secured fast! Call NDS at 0800 114 632 for a consultation on the kind of security patrols you need.

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