Security Patrols Kerikeri: Mobile Vehicle Patrols in the Bay of Islands

Part of the New Zealand charm of Kerikeri is its promise of adventure. Kerikeri is a little gem of a town matched with modern conveniences amidst many natural wonders.

It’s not surprising why people choose to live here.  It’s considered the largest town in Northland, and located 80 kilometres north of Whangarei and about 240 kilometres north of Auckland.

It’s home to New Zealand’s oldest building called the Stone Store and for nature lovers there’s Rainbow Falls that’s worth a visit! For those who want to be closer to nature, Kerikeri is easily the ideal place to live. You can bush walk on the trails or enjoy a day out on the scenic reserves and wooden boardwalks.

But is it safe?

Of course, it is. But just like any town it has a reliable police presence and added security measures. For a large township such as Kerikeri, the local community keeps safe under the watchful eye of local police and through security patrols.

Private Security patrols are assigned units to rove around a designated area to ensure peace and orderliness and employ safety procedures for the benefit of each individual in the area. They never stay in one area because they follow a routine plan designed to cover all the corners, including the access points, of a given place.

It has been proven that security patrols substantially benefit large scale areas, like remote districts, nature reserves and populated residential enclaves, and alike. 

The following are general considerations in hiring security patrols in Kerikeri:

Security patrols can easily spot irregularities and suspicious activities in their area of assignment.

They are quick to respond to threats, or any untoward incidents.

Their constant visibility prevents incidents of vandalism, violence and burglary.

They can make security reports and risk assessments of the area they cover which can be used as a guide by local councils and authorities.

Security patrols proactively perform security measures to keep a peaceful and stable environment.

Can provide first-aid and care in case of a public emergency.

Security firms that have security patrol vehicles and static security guards come at a cost. But this cost is mitigated by the genuine and reliable service that security companies provide to the community.

The Benefits of Security Patrols in Kerikeri

  • Residents feel protected at all hours. 
  • Employees feel safe doing their jobs making them more productive at work.
  • Business assets such as buildings, properties, pieces of machinery, and other valuable possessions are safe from theft. 
  • Business owners are at ease knowing that there are trained individuals who are capable of responding in a crisis or emergency.

For the Best Protection in and around Kerikeri: Call Northern Districts Security

Northern Districts Security is one of the best high-quality security firms in New Zealand. All of our security guards hold the required COA (security licence). All our staff on patrol are police vetted and highly-trained in enforcing the most efficient and tested security measures.

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There’s always something for everyone in Kerikeri and as you go about town enjoying the sights, it’s good to know that you’re safe with security patrols guarding the area.

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