Security Patrols in KeriKeri: The Business Benefits of Protecting your Property

While Kerikeri may not have the highest crime rate in New Zealand, any NZ business can suffer a huge blow when victimised by crime. Keep your losses and liability at bay by having a security guard present in your location every day.

When businesses are under threat of theft, burglaries, vandalism, and violent incidents. Hiring a Northern Districts Security guard to be on patrol in your premises has the following security advantages:

There’s a certain amount of comfort knowing there’s a trained security professional on-site. Someone you can rely on to protect and watch over your assets and employees.

Here’s why security patrols are a must for any business in Kerikeri:


Deter and prevent crime

When it comes to security, visibility counts.

Empty homes and unguarded commercial spaces often make easy pickings for burglars. Criminals don’t want any complications. Most want to get in and out of a property fast with all the targeted valuables. 

Seeing a security guard within the premises is a complication they don’t want to deal with. Burglars are less likely to show up if there is round-the-clock security.


It gives your tenants a sense of security

To give a sense of ease is to give a sense of security. That’s valuable in any workplace, store or office. It’s hard enough to work hard all day and stay focused on the job, but to worry about your personal safety as well, is another thing employees and customers do not want to worry about. Security should always be a priority. And when employers are mindful of this fact, it shows not only care about their business, but they care about their employees and clients as well.


Trained security personnel can deal with security issues more efficiently

Security guards are trained to identify any suspicious activity and security issues on the job. They take a proactive approach before anything unsavory happens. 

They have standing orders by both their security firm and the employer on how to deal with onsite security issues effectively. Whether it’s to de-escalate a brewing argument on the premises or to apprehend a shoplifter or respond to an emergency health crisis, a security guard is trained to respond to such issues.


Strict monitoring and surveillance

Keeping tabs is one thing security guards are very good at. This also includes CCTV monitoring, site surveillance, lock checks, alarm response, and control room operations. Security guards are trained to log and keep records of the day’s events from visitors, deliveries, and inquiries. Anything out of order, no matter how minute will be noted in the security log book. This means effective continuity between shifts, faster response times in case of threats, and total property protection.


Maintain your property’s real estate value

The type of security you provide shows your commitment to your business. A safe atmosphere influences the perception of how much people can trust your company. Professional patrol services can ensure a property’s condition by keeping away vandals, litterbugs, and graffiti taggers. They can prevent unfortunate incidents such as the break-ins, violent assaults and destruction of property.

Invest in reliable security patrols Kerikeri today!

Keep your Business Secure

The cost of maintaining security services is more cost effective than having your business open and vulnerable to criminals. There are so many ways losses can pile up when no one is watching. These losses of assets include fire incidents, equipment breakdowns, property theft, repairs, lawsuit settlements, site injuries and other notable expenses that could come out of neglect and lack of visible security in your properties.

Northern Districts Security is serious about security. All of our NDS security guards hold a COA (that’s a required security licence) which means all our security guards are police vetted and highly-skilled in implementing security measures.

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