Security Patrols Dargaville: Why Hire a Mobile Security Patrol?

In the past few decades, Dargaville has flourished as a go-to NZ tourist destination for recreational activities around its scenic landscape. It’s a lush and green paradise off the Kauri Coast.

Beautiful and very much unspoiled, the town of Dargaville has its own unique charm, the council has authentically restored much of its 19th century heritage buildings – here you’ll find retail parades with all the quaint cafes, art nooks, museums, fashion shops and even trendy co-working spaces.

Dargaville is relatively safe, and you can feel more secure knowing that they have the top security patrols around Dargaville.

In fact, mobile Patrols are invaluable in Dargaville. You can see them everywhere and not just at the tourist haunts.

Security Patrols provide the reassurance and necessary security, from opening to closing time, and even into the early hours.

What are Mobile Security Patrols?

Security Patrols involve uniformed security teams driving from one checkpoint to another for spot checks and visibility. They prevent the major risk of break-ins, vandalism and trespassing.

At any property, they thoroughly check the site for any signs of forced entry from unlocked doors, loose hinges, open or broken windows. They also look out for the welfare of employees, particularly those at high risk; these could be lone workers, or just those working late. 

Mobile Patrols can ensure no one is locked in the premises by accident, ensuring by accident or through intent noone is left inside a building. With a security patrol, any unfortunate event can be prevented and dealt with.

All kinds of businesses in Dargaville can benefit from having an active security patrol. If you know what your criteria area then this is a great place to start, however if you merely know the outcome you are trying to achieve, Northern District Security can help put a plan in place fitting with your budget and requirements. Whether you require random checks through the night, or set hour checks, Northern District Security are on hand.

Consider a security patrol for your place of business in Dargaville if you’ve experienced the following:

Incidents of theft and pilferage

Incidents of threats

Outright vandalism and destruction of property

Drunk and disorderly trespass

Secure your business overnight, we can provide you with highly-trained security patrols to ensure your business in Dargaville is safe, and open for business the next day.

If you are going on holiday, and planning to leave your Dargaville property unattended for a long time, Northern Districts Security can provide you with a security patrol to monitor and maintain the property in your absence.

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