Security Guards Northland: Do Casual Security Guards Work?

Although we are in a middle of a worldwide pandemic, there are many essential business operations are being maintained throughout Northland and across Whangarei.

One of these essential frontline jobs being a casual security guard, as many retail stores, warehouses, business facilities and hospitals need security staff to meet the increase demand for protection and customer service. One such security firm, Northern Districts Security is there to fill that gap, with their available team of casual security guards.

What is a Casual Security Guard?

Being a casual security guard means that you have a specific set of work hours when assigned to a principal. But just to be clear, casual doesn’t denote part-time or informal employment. In fact, casual security guards are often indeed full-time security guard employees with a well-defined job contract with the main security agency. They are properly trained and skilled like all security personnel under Northern Districts Security. When they are sent out to a security assignment- whether a store, school or business facility- their duty there are on ‘casual’ hours meaning there is a precise set of hours of which they will man their post.

For one thing, the need for casual security guards is obvious, there’s a demand for competent people to meet the increased security staffing needs during peak periods such as the summer months, holidays or during a health crisis, yet are not needed by the company in question for 40 hours a week. 

The Work Hours of Casual Security Guards

Like most security staff, a casual security guard will receive a duty order for the site assignment. The duty order outlines the expectations and work tasks they are to do on the job.

When they arrive on location, they will notify their supervisor of their arrival, and they will then relieve the current guard on duty to begin the next shift.

A casual security guard may do a number of things. To secure the facility, they will check the logs, monitor the CCTV cameras and examine vulnerable spots in the premises. They will log in their incident record book anything out of the ordinary- they will note every specific detail, date and exact time.

If they work front desk, they will manage the reception area. They will welcome guests and validate their scheduled appointments. Walk-in visitors will be asked for their reason to enter the premises. Employees working in the building will be checked for proper IDs. Their main security duty is to make sure there is no breach or outsiders simply coming in for no valid reason.

If a casual security guard is assigned at a retail store, they will take a visible post in the shop mainly at the entry way where they can assist customers and provide directions. They can also enforce simple rules in times of pandemic, this could be from reminding the customer to wear a face mask (in Level3) or to have them practice proper social distancing among other customers.

A great number of casual security guards are often booked as part of the security crew during big events where they are brought in to manage huge crowds, keep the peace and protect VIPs.

Casual security guards can also serve as part of a mobile vehicle patrol team in large facilities or warehouses. if they have good driving skills and a clean driver’s license.

Casual security guards are often on reserve duty. They can be assigned the shift of another security officer who is ill or has taken a leave of absence. More than what people think, casual security guards are very important in maintaining the operations of local businesses, as they can be called in at short notice to meet the needs of the client.

Security work is often difficult, fast-paced, at times dangerous and mired with threats. But with the correct security guard team, there’s often a willingness to learn the right skills, an eagerness to take on an assignment and the drive to prove themselves. They are ready for anything, with a larger support team to assist as necessary.

Need a Casual Security Guard in Northland or Whangarei?

True enough a good security guard on duty makes all the difference for any business to thrive. Knowing that there’s someone on guard duty to protect the property, assets and employees is comforting not just to business owners, but to customers and the community as a whole.

Northern Districts Security has casual security guards on their roster and we train them to have the right security skills and mindset for the job. We enable our people to be the best they can be – we want them alert, aware, punctual, resilient and tough for every situation imaginable.

NDS provides casual and full-time security services for many businesses across Northland from Wellsford to Kaitaia. If you would like to know more about our casual security services, call us at Northern Districts Security 0800 114 632 or email us and we’ll get back to you with all the details you need.

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