Security Guards and Security Patrols in Whangarei – Why should I care?

Security Guards and Security Patrols in Whangarei - Why should I care?

There are many types of security risks that growing companies often have to deal with on a day-today basisThat’s why it’s so important to think about your current security measures in place; – are they adequate? Is there a rise in frequency with threat incidents? Does it need updating? 

Employers today must do everything to ensure safety and protection of their workers and customers. If you find yourself saying, “It’s beyond what we can handle” or, “It’s not sustainable for the long-term,” then this is a sign to engage the service of a reputable security agency with a good number of on the ground security guards, able to accommodate the biggest of security needs if the worst was to happen. 

Simply put, a trusted security agency can create a range of feasible security solutions for you. Firms such as Northern Districts Security, can even put in custom plans and security solutions to fit with your individual business’s needs. 

Get a Security Risk Assessment Done

Northern Districts Security agents in Whangarei do not just operate by simply following a list of policies. To create a safe work environment for businesses, they take time to listen to the client’s needs; all this requires careful planning, commitment and your cooperation. Northern Districts Security agencies have skilled and highly-trained security operatives, the latest alarm monitoring, mobile patrols, surveillance technology, and tools at your disposal. To determine the best needs for your business, it starts with a no obligation chat and a frank discussion about the challenges your business is facing. 

Although situations vary, Whangarei experts, Northern Districts Security will do the necessary risk assessments to identify any potential threats. This is not only for the safety of their staff, but also to ensure that any solution proposed best resolves the challenges your business is facing. They can point out vulnerabilities within the company and the work environment, or identify key areas where the business may fall prey to a security incident. In most cases, like with our security guards here in Northland, we can outline a security plan and deploy a number of guards to be visible on routes and entry ways.  

Security Guards Duties and Responsibilities

With Northern Districts Security, our approach to comprehensive guarding is simple – to watch over and maintain our strong presence in your key areas – whether your company is located in a warehouse, office, commercial space, retail store, apartment complex, or industrial facility. As security firm you can trust in Whangarei and Northland – you can rest easy knowing we will maintain safe work areas for your staff as well as protect your businesses assets at all hours of the day. 

What Northern Districts Security – Your Whangarei security agency can do for you: 

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Establish an exact time and route to patrol vulnerable areas. You may either choose our foot patrol measures or our mobile patrol service for routine checks.

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To minimize chances of burglaries or security breaches, we do the simple, but important task of checking all doors, windows, gates and locks each night. This is to reduce any opportunities for theft, squatting and loitering by outsiders.

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Maintain security presence during peak hours of business. We make sure your shop or office is safe and conducive for important customer transactions.

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Beyond our duties to protect and serve, we can also be a friendly face to your customers, we can help direct them to areas inside your office or store, and even assist them to safety during emergencies.

The key to effective safety and security is having a reliable security agency like Northern Districts Security. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by our security guards skills and competencies, when it comes to handling difficult individuals and de-escalating crisis situations.  

Talk to us about your security concerns.

Northern Districts Security has the local knowledge and over 30 years of experience in Northland. Whether you need a security guard for an event or a number of static guards on your perimeter, we can provide the security measures you need. That said, we have built our reputation by being the best and affordable security guard agency in Whangarei across various industries.  

We’re serious about security across Far North, Kaipara and Whangarei. 

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