Security Guard Northland: Static Security Guard vs. Mobile Vehicle Patrol

One may argue that our personal safety is our own individual responsibility.

But that’s not necessarily the case when we are at our place of employment. When we show up for work, it becomes the company’s responsibility to ensure their workers safety. Of course, in a large company or a high foot traffic business, employers would choose to hire a security agency to take care of everyone’s safety.

Hiring a security agency for your NZ company is not just another business expense, consider this specialised service as an important investment.

Security guards are classified according to the duties and responsibilities assigned to them: one may be delegated as a Static Guard and while the other can be designated in a group as part of a Mobile Vehicle Patrol.

What is a Static Security Guard?

Static Security Guards are the conventional guards posted on establishments’ entrance and exit points. They are the main point of liaison of guests entering the premises. They are often stationed at a reception area or front desk. Their guard stations are often strategic, so they can cover large areas by sight or look after vulnerable entry points. If there are several static guards on duty, they are usually concentrated in one place with intermittent roving rounds for spot checks and corner checks.

Static Security Guards act as traffic control officers, gatekeepers, CCTV attendants, and key masters. also conduct frisking to customers, employees, contractors and to anyone who wishes to enter the vicinity.


What are the basic duties of a Static Security Guard?

If your business doesn’t have security protocols in place, Northern Districts Security can help determine your needs and put these in place.

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What is a Mobile Vehicle Patrol?

There are companies whose perimeter size is just way too big for static guards to cover on foot. These areas such as warehouses, shopping centres, factories, ports and shipping yards, that can only be kept secure by a reliable vehicle patrol of security guards.

The main function of Mobile Vehicle Patrols is to secure the large premises and personnel on a wider scale by patrolling and monitoring surveillance. They have a security plan and roving schedule in place so that all the property’s possible access points can be inspected thoroughly.

To keep an eye on everything, Mobile Vehicle Patrols are even sub-classified into two groups: (1) exterior vehicle patrol, and (2) interior vehicle patrol.

Both of these mobile security groups have roles of ensuring the safety and security of everyone in their area of assignment which may be a commercial space, lab facility, construction site, gated estate, sports stadium, and universities. However, they differ on their security measures on how they do it.

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Mobile Vehicle Exterior Patrol.

They are often assigned to do perimeter checks. They also check out lone workers in isolated parts of the facility to ensure they are safe.  They are tasked to implement parking enforcement, lookout for vandals and vagrants, or any suspicious behavior that poses a threat or damages company property.

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Mobile Vehicle Interior Patrol.

Checks all facility entry ways, offices and production floors. Escorts tenants and employees. Double check if any machinery or high-risk electrical devices are left switched on and unattended. Secure locks on gates, doors and windows.

Mobile security patrols are hired to minimize crimes and avoid all possible risky encounters that can put employees and customers at risk. Roles may vary based on a specific directive given to them by their client as to what is needed. Sometimes their visible presence is enough of a crime deterrent. No one’s going to attempt to scale a fence if they know there’s a roving security vehicle manning the fort on the other side.

Many companies invest in both Static Security Guards and Mobile Vehicle Patrol to secure their business assets. These security teams may play different roles, but both are highly capable and effective in keeping everyone safe.

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