Retail Security – Whangarei, Kaipara and Far North: How to Keep your Retail Shop Safe and Secure

Retail outlets, shopping parades and city centre malls attract crowds. Not all those in the crowds are intending to shop however.

Shoplifting and theft tend to happen where merchandise is on display in-store and out in the open. It’s the kind of security problem that should have retailers very concerned since it affects their bottom line. When stores becomes perceived as an easy target by criminals, retailers should take action and enforce security measures to keep their shoppers and retail staff safe. Once a store gets a reputation for being an ‘easy target’ shrinkage, the official name for shop theft, sky rockets.


Investing on tried-and-tested security measures are the way to go.

The visible presence of a security officer far outweighs the innocuous, yet strategically placed CCTV camera and helps ward off thieves from targeting your store.

The fear of getting caught in action and on tape is a fair warning that your shop is no easy mark. Some however don’t care so much about being caught on camera believing the consequence if it catches up with them won’t matter.


Help prevent crimes in your store without dampening the shopping ambiance.

It is important for shoppers to touch, feel and try on the merchandise, as this is part of the joy of shopping without feeling watched hindered or unwelcome. The right security can handle these obstacles whilst effectively managing threats and a positive customer experience for shoppers.

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Step 1: Have a Retail Security Guard on Watch.

Professional retail security officers provide protection for shoppers and retail employees. They can keep an eye out for any suspicious person or activity inside the store. They can also report and handle misbehaving store staff if necessary.

From a customer service standpoint, retail guards are the first ones to interact with your shoppers, and they can help assist customers by providing directions. They can also de-escalate tense situations by facing unruly or angry shoppers in a rational manner. This way, your store staff are also safe from violent threats.

Guards can make sure store opening and closing procedures are followed for everyone’s safety, or ensure lone workers leave the premises safely. One of the roles of retail security is to coordinate with local authorities in case of criminal apprehension or crisis management.

Step 2: Install Surveillance Equipment, Alarms, Sensors and CCTVs

Technology is on your side on this one. Surveillance and CCTVs are everywhere and they are very effective in curbing theft and providing proof of criminal wrongdoings. More than that, video surveillance technologies also provide organic customer data such as store traffic, customer linger times, sales and consumer patterns, and a host of other shopping behaviors. This data observed can be used in setting up store displays or improving product placement on shelves.

Step 3: Use Security Labels and Tags

You’ve seen them on items of clothing in retail stores. These are electronic security labels and tags with digital or magnetic locks. They can be round and clunky, or a simple sticker label with an electronic imprint, but they keep tabs on the merchandise. The moment anyone walks out the door with pilfered merchandise, the security tag sounds an alarm.

Security labels and tags are discrete; you can leave shoppers alone and let them try on things which make for an enjoyable shopping experience.

Retail Security Matters

Northern Districts Security can provide your retail store regardless of where it is based across the Far North, Kaipara or Whangarei District, with the necessary security workforce to keep your business secure. We have security professionals that are highly trained in anti-theft and loss prevention measures, and they are also well-experienced in retail security protection.

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