Residential Alarm Monitoring System Whangarei

Residential Alarm Monitoring System Whangarei

A burglary can take place in just under 10 minutes. Sometimes a burglar will stroll casually up towards your property once they see your car drive away from the home. If you think this is an impulsive move on their part, think again, these criminals have been observing your every move for some time now and your house has been classified as an easy target. They know the quick access points of the house, and the vulnerable areas they can pry open. They know where your valuables are stored and they’re quite brazen because they know no one is watching.

There are many security-proofing measures you can take to make sure your home stays safe from strangers. You may choose to update your locks or reinforce your windows, or you can choose to invest in a residential alarm monitoring system.

What is a Residential Alarm Monitoring System?

A residential alarm monitoring system is a customised security service where you have a home alarm system set-up in key areas of the home which is remotely monitored by a reliable security agency. The system can use an array of motion sensors, temperature meters, environmental control sensors, surveillance cameras, light and sound alarms. Alarm monitoring comes in all shapes and sizes and should always be tailored to your needs.

Those who take home security seriously, rely on residential alarm monitoring systems as their first line of protection. It gives homeowners peace of mind whether they’re leaving the house for a long time or simply want to have a good night’s sleep.

Part of having a Residential Alarm Monitoring system is a team of security specialists working round-the-clock to keep your home and family safe.

When a residential alarm monitoring system is installed in your Whangarei home, you can expect 24/7 protection any time on any day. And if you choose the Whangarei experts Northern Districts Security, you get so much more!

Safeguard your Whangarei Home

A residential alarm monitoring system can protect you from all kinds of threats. Home invasions, trespassing, defacing of property, burglaries- these are top property crimes even in areas around Northland.

Losses of nearly $3,000-$5,000 on average are reported if your home gets burgled. Beyond losing money and personal belongings, there’s the huge emotional trauma to deal with. Getting your space invaded may leave you feeling helpless, anxious and vulnerable. It may take a while to feel secure again in your own home. There are also the items that cannot be replaced. No amount of money helps address these invaluable items.

Incident Response is Top Priority

The advantage with a residential alarm monitoring system is that the response time during a crisis situation is immediate.

Whether a window breaks or a pipe bursts, the change in your environment will be detected and a security specialist will respond based on the emergency plan you prepared with the security agency. They will immediately call and text you to verify and notify you of the alarm. As all this takes place, they have already sent (if part of your plan) in a security specialist to the site or even alerted emergency services near you.  But apart from that, they will also supply first responders with crucial information before they arrive on scene, so they know what kind of situation they are facing.

Even if it’s a false alarm, the security agency will follow through, check up on the home and see to it that you are safe. Nothing is left to chance.

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Continuous Monitoring means Continuous Security

True enough, no one wants to go through the terrifying ordeal of a home invasion. So always know what’s happening around your neighbourhood. If there seems to be an uptick in criminal activity, consider your options. It’s far less stressful to wonder about what’s coming your way next, what you can do is take a proactive approach and secure your home.

At Northern Districts Security, we use the latest home alarm monitoring technology that can detect environmental and temperature changes, unauthorised intrusions and movement around the home. All this data is directly sent to our central command station. Here fully-trained security specialists monitor all the video feeds and sensor alerts coming in from your home at all times.

But the best thing about our alarm system monitoring is that it’s cost-effective and comes in affordable monthly or annual plans.

Don’t be an easy target! Get the theft deterrence you need to better protect your family, assets and home. Speak to one of our home security consultants today, call Northern Districts Security 0800 114 632 or email us to learn more about our residential alarm monitoring systems at

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