How do you go about hiring a Security Guard Service for your Retail Store?

How do you go about hiring a Security Guard Service for your Retail Store?

Retail stores are shopping havens most people can’t resist. Even here in Whangarei. At any given time, they draw in huge shopping crowds and high foot traffic can be difficult to manage. Staff will have a difficult time keeping track of individuals coming and going from your store.  

Retail shops are often vulnerable to theft, shrinkage and other types of losses over time. 

Globally, retail loss accounts for 1.5% of lost market revenue, and that’s not good for business. If you are an entrepreneur or a shop owner, theft and loss prevention should be on the top of your list when it comes to retail concerns. 

Retail Loss Prevention

Though retail loss can be attributed to factors like human error and product returns. You also have to account for loss prevention due to theft. The reality is you can’t keep an eye on your inventory, store shelves or cash register all day. 

First of all, shoplifters are quite adept and nimble; they know when a store is an easy target. They are also shameless when confronted about the theft, they can even turn aggressive and confrontational. It is all part of their act; sometimes they make a commotion inside the store and threaten workers. The crafty ones do this to social engineer an escape tactic. When called out about the shoplifting, they’d simply put the merchandise back on the shelf and walk out the door, and they’d even blame the store staff for making a big deal out of it. That’s not just shameless, but brazen. But one thing’s for sure, after testing your waters, their criminal ilk will be back and shoplifting will increase in your store. 

Unfortunately, most store staff are often clueless on how to deal with shopliftersCalling the police would be a wise move, but it might take a while before they arrive. So the retail staff could be stuck in the selling area with a volatile shoplifter for a good 15-30 minutes. At that point, they’ll be unable to assist customers and they would probably choose to close the store until the police arrive. They are also putting themselves at risk if the shoplifter decides to physically retaliate. It’s not an easy situation to handle. 

You can’t predict how your store staff will react to a shoplifter, armed robber or the very shocking ‘flashmob’ approach of thieves. This is a kind of shoplifting where a large crowd of shoplifters’ swarm into the store, and do a quick grab and exit with your merchandise. 

Shoplifter in store

Initially, you may provide some in-store security protocol training for them, but having them uphold the store’s overall security can prove daunting particularly if their main skills are sales and customer-oriented service. Your friendly retail staff can be your eyes and ears, but they can’t be your muscle. With that, you need the benefit of a security agency familiar with retail loss prevention and store security.  And in Whangarei, you can ensure Northern Districts Security are up to task. 

Do small Retail Businesses need Security Guards?

Installing cameras and the latest hardwired security system in your store, can be ideal, but rather costly for retail businesses just starting out. Also they do not have the same deterrent powers. The best solution is to employ a security agency, that can provide your business with a security plan plus a skilled security guard on duty. 

Visible security goes a long way as a theft deterrent. No shoplifter wants to mess around with an attentive and intimidating security guardWhen you have a retail security specialist on site, they are more attune to people’s behaviour and body language. Well trained security guards are highly likely to see the shoplifting acts happenand with their authoritative skills, they can address this criminal situation swiftly. 

Retail Security Whangarei

Retail security professionals know how to handle seasoned thieves, even if the shoplifter starts making a scene, the security guard will handle the situation delicately and within legal protocols. Your customers will appreciate this proactive approach knowing that they are safe and protected inside the retail store. As for the store staff, it is a huge relief for them not having to deal with shoplifters, but to just focus their attention on customers, which they can continue to do unhindered. 

Security guards become part of your customer service team. They become a familiar face that customers will ask for directionsand any other assistance they might need while shopping. 

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