Construction Site Security in Whangarei

Construction is a complex business with raw materials, woods, metals, tools, fuel, vehicles and heavy machinery, often of high value. The nature of a construction site can pose a security risk because materials are easy to on sell and keeping a site secure is nigh on impossible.

Construction sites present a number of challenges when it comes to security. For one, construction sites are notoriously busy areas. There’s constant activity with construction workers undertaking day-to-day tasks, with not everyone known.

Construction sites offer specific security challenges- so how does one keep a construction site secure?

Here are a few security pointers:

Security Guard Services.

The presence of an effective onsite physical security can deter any incidents of crime. A trusted and reliable security agency such as Northern Districts Security can help you establish security and risk management protocols in your Whangarei construction site.

Physical security involves placing security measures that are tailored to the layout and scale of your construction site. From static security guards to mobile vehicle patrols, having 24-hour dedicated site security is highly recommended, consider it a necessary part of your company’s operational cost.

Monitoring alarms, surveillance and automated security systems.

These are essentials, but these can only do so much for your construction company, you can maximise their efficiency by having a security team manage and monitor the technology you have installed at your construction site.

Putting up Barriers.

Establishing your perimeter (height and thickness) and creating barriers are crucial in keeping trespassers out. In fact, you can further create a secure working environment by having separate secure areas for storage and employees.

Vehicle access and authorisation.

The entry and exit of vehicles in the construction site are closely monitored. Those authorised to be there have the proper entry permits, IDs, vehicle stickers, and even a designated parking spot. Deliveries are done on a specific schedule and access is limited within the delivery area or parking lot.

Employee Protocols.

After restricting vehicle access to only designated areas, staff must enter through a security checkpoint on foot. This reduces any unauthorised entry by trespassers.

Full lighting control.

Lighting is important in keeping construction facilities secure. A well-lit construction site gives off an impenetrable impression. Aside from work crews working safely under lit conditions, CCTVs will have a clear picture of the area plus it helps static security guards keep an eye out for intruders.

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NDS can help ensure the overall safety of your construction team and secure all the materials and equipment on site from any attempts of theft or vandalism. A good security team can prevent huge losses, operational downtime or interruptions to your schedule.

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