Cash Services

More control and contact with your money

Mobile Patrols are highly effective wherever a deterrent is needed, but when a full-time Security Officer is not a practical option.

This might include :

When you need security services for your cash, valuables or documents, you can rest assured Northern Districts Security provides a professional, reliable and comprehensive security service to suit you and your needs. From point to point collection and transportation of cash, valuables and documents, to providing tamper evident bags and GDS tracking, we offer peace of mind when it comes to cash services.

We have team of professional, experienced and fully qualified security officers who stringently follow all the highest standards of security industry professionalism.

We offer a range of cash services to suit your needs:

Point-to-point cash and valuables transportation
Delivering / collecting valuables from national or international ships
Transportation of confidential documents
Tamper evident bags
Tamper evident bags
Tracked with GDS (Barcode system)

Whatever your requirements, you can rely on Northern Districts Security to provide you with an efficient, professional and reliable service. Contact our friendly Operations team today to see how we can help you.


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