Cellphone Safety Tips

This week’s tips are about cell phone safety. These tools have become part of our daily lifestyle. Just as much as they can be of help, they can cause some serious trouble

Security Tips

  • Beware Before You Share: Posting your holiday activities online is a great way to share it. But criminals spend time literally browsing the internet looking for hints of who might be away from home to plan burglaries.
  • Profile Security: Be careful who you share your information with, don’t just befriend anyone on any social platform, also be sure about whether your phone is currently sharing it’s location when posting the photo you have just taken.
  • Backup Power: Be sure to have your phone properly charged before you leave home/work or school. Especially if you are planning a “via” trip. Carry a charger with you and even a back-up battery if your phone’s battery is dodgy.
  • Parental control: Learn how to restrict content on smart-devices withparental control apps, its not difficult, just google; MM Guardian Parental Control, Funamo, Kids Place.
  • Use Technology: Make use of apps like Life360 to keep track of family members’ location using the GPS in their phone. Minimum tech-skills required.

Thanks for reading our weekly safety and security tips, please feel free to share some of your own with us.

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