On-the Job Coaching Award 2010

Jean-Pierre Dignon

NZATD Education Trust has introduced this award to raise the profile, recognise and reward the pool of people in the workplace that are involved in both informal and formal workplace learning and assessment.

These people may have roles such as an on-job coach, on-job trainer, workplace assessor, supervisor or line manager. They play a critical role in the upskilling of the New Zealand workforce, with a subsequent increase in productivity for their organisation and collectively the productivity of New Zealand.

Those eligible for this award are NOT full time training professionals.

Rather they are people who have other operational or managerial roles but nevertheless spend a significant part of their time actively supporting others who are learning as they work.


Overview of Judges

The judges were excited by the introduction of this new award. Although it is known that people often learn far more on-the-job than in formal training, there has been little to acknowledge the coaches and workplace assessors who support them. It was great seeing that effective workplace coaching is occurring and that organisations truly value those who provide specific coaching within the working environment.

The entries in the category showed that on-the-job coaching is firmly established in New Zealand and through the support of industry training organisations, we have an increasing pool of talented people who are able to foster learning within their own workplace environment. It is heartening to see that there are on-job coaches out there who have the genuine respect of their peers and employers and can demonstrate their contribution to organisational outcomes in a way that spills over into increased company performance.

Feedback for Overall Winner Jean-Pierre Dignon

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